Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dis Day 3

I'm still trying to catch up on posts about Disneyland. I have to get it done so I can move on to other things. Like Jameson's birthday! Which is today. Happy birthday J-Bug! So, please . . . bear with me!!

Our 3rd day at Disneyland started off with a "character breakfast" at Goofy's Kitchen. The idea behind it is so much fun. Yummy buffet breakfast and characters that come to your table. Kids get lots of individual attention from the characters, autographs, hugs and pictures with them.

Goofy's Kitchen started out great . . . and by "started" out I mean the check-in at the reservations counter was great. It was the character meal that Marshall had picked. And, he was all jazzed and ready to meet some characters. He had a big grin on his face and autograph book in hand. His sister . . . well, not so much. Eliza dissolved into hysterical screaming and sobbing when any character was within about 30 feet of her. She did comply with the picture with Goofy when we entered the restaurant. But, no more after that.

So . . . Gram took Eliza out of the restaurant. Eric and I stayed with the two boys and Marshall had a wonderful time meeting characters and collecting their signatures. He was even willing to pose with Snow White. She was so pretty and so sweet that she won him over.

Eliza recovered. We rode the astro blasters. And, Marshall was chosen for Jedi Training Academy. It was the highlight of the trip, watching Marshall battle Darth Maul. But, it deserves an entire post all its own, so stay tuned.

Honestly, I have no recollection of what else we did that day! But, we finished the day at Mickey's Halloween Party in the park from 6pm-11pm. Marshall was a Jedi, Eliza was Cinderella and Jameson was a monkey. As you can tell, we were not the best picture takers on this trip. So, here is a picture of the kids in the same costumes on Halloween.

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