Monday, November 7, 2011

A Bone in an Armpit

Okay - seriously people. I hate Daylight Savings Time. I know, it is November, the month of thankfulness. Everyone on good ole Facebook is giving thanks for 30 days . . . But, for reals, I have to complain about this one thing. Seriously. This is the worst. time change. ever. My kids are basket cases. All three of them were up so early this morning. Marshall was SHOUTING "wake up!!!!" at his bunny (the amazing bunny clock that keeps him in bed until 7:00 - which sometimes makes me feel like a mean mom but only for a minute and then I remember how much I enjoy the quiet in the morning). So . . . we quiet him down and explain that the time change is no fun but that we all have to get used to it. Soon we hear screaming, shouting and sobbing coming from his room. He is FREAKING OUT saying that there is a bone coming out of his armpit. What? Seriously? No idea. But he is insistent. Until Eric sits him up and shows him that there is NO bone sticking out of his armpit. I am so over Daylight Savings Time. If President Obama could get rid of it he just might get my vote in 2012...

On another note. My kids are hilarious. Yesterday, Marshall and Eliza decided that every room, door and cupboard in our house needed a label. I have no idea where the idea came from but it kept them busy and quiet for a LONG time. Here are some highlights of their signage . . .

The first one is my personal favorite. In case you can't tell it says "Hey! I need privacy!" Written by my 4-year old. (Yes, I homeschool . . . can't you tell from her precise handwriting?) She informed me at bedtime last night that "You and Daddy can only come in my room when I take that sign off of the door." She is 4 - not 14. What??:

Pantry (With Marshall's "amazing" depiction of a banana - his words):


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I'm excited to read about your fun life!