Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jameson is the Big ONE!! (and Thanksgiving too)

Jameson is ONE! I cannot believe that my THIRD baby has made it to his first birthday. And, it happened to land on Thanksgiving. We got to combine two family events into one - only one party to clean up (and it wasn't even at my house - thanks Robyn!!)

We were so blessed to have extended family together for Thanksgiving and to add a birthday cake and gifts for Jameson. He had no idea what was going on, but he had fun. Although, Eric says the cake was a little anti-climactic this time around because I've been giving Jameson sugar for months now. What am I supposed to do with my third? He watches Marshall and Eliza eat goodies and as far as Jameson knows, he is just as big as they are. So, we all give him bites. And, it is fun and he likes it.

Wow! We just adore this little guy. He has been an amazingly easy baby. Good eater. Good sleeper. Easy teether. Happy and smiley 99% of the time.

Jameson opened presents. (Read: Marshall and Eliza opened Jameson's presents and he played with them.)

All three kids received matching Christmas pajamas and slippers from Gram (thanks Robyn!). Aren't they uh-dorable? I simply heart them (the kids. the pajamas. and the cute husband in the last picture). We were all pretty tired by the end of the night but it was too good of an opportunity for a picture of all five of us to pass it up. Happy Birthday Jameson!

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