Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sharing the Magic

A few months before we left for Disneyland, Marshall saw a commercial for Disneyland (I guess I'm admitting that I let my kids watch TV!) and the family in the commercial was wearing matching t-shirts. Neon green matching t-shirts. With their names on them. And Mickey ears. And Marshall wanted to be that family.

Well, we homeschool. Why does that matter? Okay - so the Lord has called us to homeschool. I can handle that. In fact, I love getting to homeschool my kids!! But, the deal I have with the Lord (because you can make deals with Jesus right? Ha!) is that I don't want to be one of those families where the mom wears denim jumpers with her waist-long hair in a bun and the kids wear matching clothes. You know - the stereotypical family that homeschools. The ones on the cover of the homeschool magazines where all of their 15 children hold their violins/cellos/flutes that make up their own family orchestra. The ones that people think of when they ask where my kids go to school and they get that look on their face when I say we homeschool. (And, I know that look because it is the look I used to get on my face when someone told me that they homeschool. Like - oh, you looked so normal. Don't you know your kids are going to turn out weird and socially awkward because you aren't letting them go to school??)

Not that I don't love those families. I do. You can ask Eric. I have said multiple times that there is a part of me that really wishes that I was Mrs. Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting. I've read her book, I think she and her family are amazing, God-honoring and love each other so well.

But, apparently Marshall didn't get the memo about Mom not wanting my kids to be in matching clothes. He really wanted to have matching shirts. Preferably with our names on them. Oh boy.

Enter my friend Kari. This girl is amazing. Read her blog here. And, she and her husband Conrad made the best Disneyland shirts ever. They are white, not neon green. And they had our kids names on them with the cutest Mickey ears. Check them out people! You'll want Kari to be your friend too :) Thanks Kari and Conrad for the fabulous shirts. Darn! I just realized that Jameson is not in any of these pictures. He had a shirt too. And it was uh-dorable. Trust me.

On our first full day in the park, we had family come up from San Diego to visit. Eric's brother, Brad, married his beautiful, fun, sweet wife, Stephanie, last October. I finally have a sister! And as if that wasn't enough, her entire family was part of the package. They all live in San Diego and we heart them.

Stephanie's sister, Kelly, and Kelly's husband, Mat, brought their two sweet girls, Rylie and Baylie, up to Disneyland for the day. This past summer, when their family visited Oregon, Rylie and Eliza became good friends. Getting them together was like reuniting long-lost best friends. They held hands all through the park and generally tried to direct all of us. We were so glad to have them at the park with us. We wish they lived in Oregon. I love Kelly. Eric loves Mat (can I say that? Well - I guess I can say they have a mutual love of good beer?). They are an amazing blessing to spend time with. Mat & Kelly - if you're reading this, move here. We promise you'll get over the rain!

And, of course we rode Splash Mountain twice this day. We rode Splash Mountain a lot everyday we were there. And get a good look at Bampa Randy in the top picture. He had to fly back to Oregon that night. Boo Hoo! We missed him - especially at the princess lunch. LOL. And, the princesses missed him too.

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