Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Family

Just in case you've forgotten - here's our cast of characters:

Eric and I. Obviously we haven't changed a bit - no aging or anything! But, we can honestly say that we love each other more today than we ever could have imagined. Marriage is not always easy, but it is awe-inspiring to experience the way that Jesus can bring two humans (read: sinners) together and make their mess beautiful.

Marshall is bigger - but still has that fabulous red hair. He has also learned that he loves drinking Green River at Goody's in Sunriver.

Eliza is as feisty as ever - but with a much bigger vocabulary than 3 years ago!

Oh right - and that is her baby brother in the stroller. Introducing our adorable, bald-headed, easy-going, too-sweet-for-words Jameson Elliott Compton, born November 24, 2010:

Marshall and Eliza have become best friends. It has been such a blessing to watch these two kiddos and the amazing way they love each other.

Finally, here are all three of our beautiful children. We have been blessed beyond our highest hopes with these three.

And, since I (Jocelyn) am the one writing this post and I am breathing new life into our blog, I get to end with my current favorite picture of my crew. I love these four!

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Susie said...

So glad the blog is back! I've checked it periodically over the last 3 years :) Looking forward to getting updates!