Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Star Wars School

Sometimes I find an idea on Pinterest that looks amazing. Then I click on it for myself, and . . . not so much. My friend, Dana, is posting about said phenomenon in relation to recipes on her blog. However, the link I'm posting about today is different. It is awesome. And, don't think this is only for homeschool moms. These activities would be wonderful to do at home with your kiddos even if they go to school. Marshall and Eliza thought they were so much fun that they didn't want to stop working on them, even to play outside when the sun finally broke through last week. My kids are calling it Star Wars School. It is two free packets of Star Wars themed pre-school materials. Did you catch that? Free. You can download both packets for free right here. And look how darling this artwork is!

The packets were perfect as-is for pre-school level kiddos. Counting objects, identifying missing letters, identifying words in a story, creating patterns, pages for a "book report." Marshall is currently doing first grade level work, and he still loved this packet. I added some of our Star Wars readers to the mix, had the kids read them aloud, and had them handwrite part of their own book reports to make it more appropriate for their age level. 

A sweet homeschooling mama of four kiddos created this packet, along with several others. Each has a different theme such as astronaut, cowboys, firemen and knights. Her website/blog are full of all kinds of free high-quality printables and resources that she created and is now sharing with other families. I felt like I hit the homeschool jackpot when I came upon her website. 

And, so did my kids. Yes, they are in their pajamas again. Marshall is wearing Christmas pajamas, and Eliza is wearing pajamas that are slightly too small because I hadn't quite finished the laundry yet. And Marshall is using grown-up scissors because his hands have outgrown safety scissors. What? Why is he so big all of a sudden?

I'm planning for next year to use the homeschool planner this mom designed. It is $20.00 but comes as a PDF file that I can print and use every year. More importantly, I can personalize the pages to meet our family's needs and print off as many as I need as things change for us or when I make mistakes (which I inevitably will!). Check it out!!


Dana Gay said...

wow this is amazing!! I am totally checking this out!

Jolanthe Erb said...

SO fun seeing your kids using the pack. I know we'll be using it again in the future since our boys are in love with Star Wars. :) Thanks for sharing it!!

Jocelyn said...

Dana - do it. It is awesome.

Jolanthe - Aww! I'm so glad you stopped by and saw the photos of my kids at work. Thank you so much for creating the packet. My kids are Star Wars fanatics and this gave them a really fun day of schoolwork. Your blog/website are such an encouragement to other moms.