Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby on a Shelf

Oh weekends, how the Comptons love you. Especially when you are (finally) full of sun. There is something so fun about driving the Jeep with the top off and all three kids squeezed in the backseat. 

A big brother played t-ball.

A baby brother wished he could play t-ball too

And he sat on a shelf. Weird, I know.

A little sister passed the t-ball time looking for daisies. Unfortunately for Eliza, I think that she might have inherited my total and complete inability to play team sports. I have really random athletic abilities. I am coordinated. I can run. I did competitive cheerleading in high school (had to slip that in).  But, I have no gifting for team sports - you can still get my family to laugh (hard) at the mere thought of me playing softball. or volleyball. or basketball. Sorry, Eliza. Your deficiency is a genetic trait. At least you have a cute giggle to make up for it. 

We finished the weekend with dinner at the next door neighbor's house. How providential that the family next door has a boy and a girl. Almost exactly the same ages as Marshall and Eliza.  Jameson just tags along. Somehow I think he'll be okay. Even if his parents do set him on the shelf occasionally.  

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Christy said...

There is something about each of your kids that makes me smile. But right now, Jameson has my heart, that boy...what a little sweetie!!