Sunday, February 26, 2012

What She Wore Sunday

I know some bloggers faithfully post "What I Wore" on various days of the week. My personal wardrobe isn't overly exciting. The majority of my fashion ideas come from all of you who are my girlfriends. So, most of my outfits look something like one of yours.

Eliza's outfits, however, are often worthy of a "What She Wore" post. I think I'm just going to start posting her most recent noteworthy ensemble of each week. We'll call it "What She Wore Sunday," as Eliza's most creative outfits are often those that she puts together for church. Very rarely, I have to tell this little lady to make a change to her outfit. As long as it's modest, I am happy.  (I know, her belly is showing in this picture - that almost never happens.)

I can't resist posting this picture of Eliza coloring up the sidewalk. There is just something so sugary sweet about this four year old. And the chalk drawings that she is making. Wow. In case you can't tell, they are Prince Jameson and Princess Eliza. She clearly got her amazing artistic ability from her mama.


Anonymous said...

Miss Eliza....your outfit brings a smile to my face : )


Lacey Wilcox said...

She makes me so ready for the day my baby girl is big enough to take to Starbucks and to color on the sidewalk! I LOVED this!!