Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Over the Snowy Pass We Go

First, let me say nice job to my husband for his post earlier today. Way to go, babe. I guess I deserve it after posting the Nightlife Run photo on here not too long ago. 

Second, please excuse the photo quality of these pics. My Canon was packed up in the back of the Suburban. But I didn't want to miss the memories. So I used my iPhone on most, although a few were shared by Eric and C-note. 

We are at the River of the Sun.  Woo Woo!  The only thing I'm not loving is Marshall and Eliza sharing a room. They have been in bed for an hour and a half. They are still not asleep. There have been at least two, maybe three, bathroom trips. Eliza claims Marshall is snoring. But, Marshall is yelling at us that he is awake. To which Eliza replies "nuh-uh, he is sooooo sound asleep." Right. Oh, and apparently Eliza is hearing "booming" sounds so she can't sleep. Oh, and then she couldn't sleep because she is so excited to have her fingers/toes painted at the spa tomorrow. We know, Eliza, you've told us that maybe one hundred times today. We're waiting on pins and needles to see who appears in the living room next . . .

The fab Venti fam is enjoying a weekend at nearby Eagle Crest. [To catch more "Snowy Pass" action, head over the The Venti's blog!] So we all caravaned over the Pass this morning after meeting up at the Bux. (After Disneyland, and now this trip, their kids think that they only go on "wacation" with The Comptons. They are uh-dorable.) Our family even made it out of the house by 9:04. Only four minutes later than we had hoped for. Even more impressive since we were all out late last night together at a dinner/auction. And, at said auction I laughed harder than I had laughed in a really really long time. My abs still hurt this morning. Apparently the best ab workout I've had since having J-Babe.

The Pass looked like this on our drive over:

Which is why the boys are installing chains on the Venti mobile.

The inside of our car on the trip looked like this (check out J's cute baby toes in the bottom left of the picture! He always crosses his feet and his feet are so chubbs):

Let's say hi to the Venti babes:

And cute mama, Kari. I'm posting this picture at the risk of pictures of me showing up on Kari's blog. She stealthily took pictures of me (and you too, Lauren Enns!) laughing until I cried last night. But, this is an uber-cute photo of Kari. The pics she took of me were not so cute (I mean, not cute of me. Lauren, you are always cute). 

Out to lunch at Three Creeks Brewing Co. in Sisters. Oh the chaos of taking six kids out to eat. Um, yes, table for TEN please. 2 highchairs. 4 kids menus and crayons. But, seriously, it was fun. The work is worth the memories. It was easier when we all first met and Marshall was the only kiddo. But, it is so much more fun now. 

Good buddies Marshall and Nolan playing pirates:

Restless waiting for food, so the dads took five of the six kiddos on a walk and a little snowball fight action. No, they are not wearing coats. or gloves. or hats. None of them. Kari, do we win moms of the year?

Sweetest memory of the day was friendship between Nolan and Marshall. They sat together at lunch. And told each other jokes that made each other laugh and laugh. Sweet. Awesome. Wonderful. Heartwarming. Sweetest boys around.

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