Friday, February 24, 2012

My First Guest Blogger

Today's post comes from our first guest blogger, Marshall:

It was really fun meeting Doug. Doug is the dog from Up. We went around the Challenge Trail with Eliza too. Eliza was afraid of Doug. We went on the tire swing and one girl fell off. And then the man said "You have to stay on with your arms and legs." This was at Disneyland. And we ran through the Challenge Trail. No flip flops or anything that would fall off in the net. Wear tennis shoes. Staying at our hotel was really fun. It was called the Howard Johnson. 

I cried in San Francisco because I did not want to stay there.  I said "This town is a stinker!" with my blue blanket over my head. The Golden Gate Bridge was really fun. We got a picture there. I will put this picture up in a little bit. Actually I'm going to put it up now.

We are standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and I just got that gun from Disneyland. It is a Rebel Blaster.

Here I am pretending to hold a light saber. Besides, I went to Jedi Training Academy. It was pretty fun. I am now a Padawan.

A lady took this picture for us. I don't really know who she was though. Here is the five people in our family.

We stayed the night in Redding, instead. Eliza woke up with a barking seal cough at 5 o'clock in the morning. It must have been really painful for her.

Me, Daddy, Jameson and Eliza. Please comment about this picture:


Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME! I love to hear about things through their perspective. And Marshall, great picture, I would buy you guys. :)

Kari @TwinMamaLoves said...

Hi Marshall! I LOVED your post. I think you should start your own blog. You have great thoughts to share. You have a great memory. Wasn't that trip fun!? Clara can say your name now. I was not sure before, but I am sure now. Have a great Friday!

Dana Gay & Lindy Frenchko said...

Nice picture Marshall !! I love your silly pose! Sounds like you and your family had a great time making fun memories on your trip :)

DW Cole said...

Hey Marshall- Great post! You must have the girft of writing just like your mama! It sounds like such a fun trip! If I saw that toy for sale I would buy it right up and bring it home!!!