Friday, January 27, 2012

Toss the M&Ms

So, if you're home today with your kids and looking for a fun educational activity, that may or may not induce a sugar-high, here's an idea.  My kids have named it "Toss the M&Ms, Read the Words." Creative huh?

The supplies you need are a muffin tin, paper and pen, safety scissors and either M&Ms or pennies. Oh and something to be a line on the floor.

So, you print out or handwrite a list of words your kids are working on reading.  Then, you employ them as slave-labor to cut the words into strips of paper.  No really, it's good cutting skills practice for them to cut the paper themselves.

Then you put one strip of paper into each cup of the muffin tin.

Your kids stand behind some type of line.  A rope works, tape, or a light saber.  You know, whatever you have on hand. Each kiddo throws either an M&M or a penny into the muffin tin.

Whichever cup their M&M or penny lands in, they pick up that strip of paper and if they can read that word they get to keep the M&M or the penny.  This is where you can choose sugar-high or no sugar-high at your house. This is also where I discovered that Marshall really does know how to read a lot of words ... way more than he lets on during "reading time" for school.  Apparently chocolate is a major motivator for this guy.

Our littlest Jedi.  This guy has some serious light saber fighting skills already.

Have you noticed that my kids are in their pajamas a lot when we are home?  Marshall doesn't believe in wearing clothes.  I mean, pajamas are a step up from where he was awhile back.  It used to be underwear whenever we were home.  The minute we'd walk in the door from anywhere Marshall would strip down to his Lego Star Wars underroos.  There would almost always be a pile of size 6 boys clothes by the door to the garage or at the bottom of the stairs. Oh the things I want to remember to tell him when he is grown-up someday.

I have to give credit for this game to Bethany (yes, again) and she thinks that credit goes to My Father's World.  Anyway - I think you could do this game with spelling too, where you read the word that they land on and they have to spell it.  You could also do it with shapes, colors, math problems.  Lots of options.

Happy Friday!!

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