Friday, July 11, 2008

More Outside Pictures

Venti's New Location

Those of you familiar with Salem might have had the chance to dine at Venti's Cafe. Eric has lunch at Venti's almost every day that he stays downtown - and the Compton/Venti family friendship started there when Eric and Conrad Venti became friends standing in line at Venti's for lunch everyday :) Conrad's Uncle Dino owns the restaurant and they make the best teriyaki chicken bowls. Venti's Cafe opened their new location this Monday so we met the Venti Fam for our first Venti's meal at the new restaurant. Conrad and Kari have the cutest 5 month old twins - Mila and Nolan. And, with the four of us and our four kids we never would have fit in Venti's tiny previous location!

Friday, July 4, 2008

3rd of July!

Last night, we visited the Oregon Gardens in Silverton for their 4th of July event with our friends the Richters - Paul, Bethany, Sydney, Noah and Abraham. We have been blessed by their family's friendship and it was a great chance for us to visit and for the kids to play! Noah and Marshall are just a few months a part in age, and Eliza and Abraham are just 2 months apart. Sydney is almost 5 and does a great job of being a big sister to both Noah and Marshall. The parents and the kids all had such a great time. The kids loved the children's area with a pirate ship bounce house/slide and balloon animals. And, everyone enjoyed eating a picnic dinner in the grass. We left before the fireworks got started - by 10:00 all 5 of the kids were tired, but Marshall is hoping to catch a few fireworks tonight here in Salem!