Friday, February 29, 2008

Eliza This Week

Marshall's Library Card

Today Marshall got to get his first library card! He had been to the library several times before for storytime. But, this was the first time that he picked out some books to take home. He was so excited! Eric was at a Blazers game tonight, so Marshall and I had some time together. He wanted to use it to read every book we had brought home. He especially liked the two Curious George books and the book about Corduroy the bear!

Eric's Birthday Cake

My last post included pictures of Eric's birthday dinner from Saturday. On Tuesday (his actual birthday) Eric, Marshall and I went out to dinner at the Ram and came home for cake. Marshall and I made the cake that afternoon, and had a great time making it. For some reason, the cake fell apart when we put it together and frosted it though . . . it wasn't nearly as beautiful as the Kondeterei cake that is in the last post. And, we didn't have any normal candles so we used the candle from Marshall's first birthday party. Oh well!! Good memories and alot of fun!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Happy Birthday Eric! Eric is 29 today!!

The Carousel

(So, I'm on a blogging roll right now . . . our SD card reader was broken so I couldn't post pictures for a few days. Now it's fixed so it's time to get caught up!)

Marshall loves the Carousel at Riverfront Park here in Salem. He has a favorite horse named Bucky who he loves to ride! We spent some time there on Sunday so I thought I'd share a few pictures. He isn't on Bucky in either of them - I guess he needed a change. Picking your horse is a serious part of each ride on the carousel when you're two!


Just because I love this picture and Marshall got he and Eliza all posed and then asked me to take a "cute one." Marshall calls pictures "cute ones" because every time I take a picture of the kids I say "Oh, that was a cute one!"

More Eliza Pictures

These pictures are for my friend Melanie who loves all things girl and all things baby! On the day I took these pictures, she reminded me to take pictures of Eliza in all of her cute outfits. Thanks Mel Mel! We love you!

Eliza's First Ponytail

Eliza has had a ton of hair since she was born. But, it is just now long enough and thick enough to put up in a ponytail. We think it is pretty cute!! I was totally bald as a baby . . . so it wasn't until we got Eliza's hair up and off of her face that we realized just how much she looks like me (Mom). And, I see glimpses of my mom in her face everyday. What do you think Papa Greg? Do you see the resemblence to me as a baby? Check out the picture with the red bow . . . we think it looks just like my baby pictures.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


So, I was looking back over our blog and realizing that in most of the pictures my kids are either naked, half-naked or in their pajamas. They really do get dressed in actual clothes sometimes and here are some pictures to prove it.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Marshall loved the abundance of candy, since he never gets any, and is asking for chocolate everyday now. He learned that he really likes See's Candies, M&Ms and those little candy conversation hearts. What a treat! Eliza didn't know anything was different but she had a cute red heart outfit (see, more clothes that aren't pajamas!).

The weather here has been beautiful the past couple of days! We've had a great time playing outside and enjoying fresh air again. Marshall has been busy blowing bubbles, riding his tricycle, and running. Eliza went on a walk with Mom yesterday in the stroller - check out the picture with her hat and sunglasses. She loved the sunglasses and didn't want to take them off.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Since we last posted, our family has been busy and sick. Another stomach bug and bronchitis managed to get to all four of us! But we seem to be almost 100% recovered and getting on with life outside of our house. Marshall started BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) with Mom on Tuesday mornings. He is in the brand-new class for 2 year olds that just started up after Christmas. What a blessing! It is phenomenal to see God at work in the heart of a two year old. We are amazed at the truths from the Bible he is already starting to grasp, the kids' hymns that he has memorized, and of course the detail with which he can describe snacktime!

Eliza has learned to sit up and started eating solid food. She is still leaning over a bit sometimes but she is sitiing all by herself! And, she was so excited to eat food - you can tell from looking at her how much she likes to eat. By the second day she was already eating an entire jar of food at a time. She's had sweet potatoes and pears and thinks both are just great. Marshall has been getting in on the fun too - he loves to feed his baby sister. He even remembers to pretend that the spoon is an airplane - it is pretty funny!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Week in Pictures

Some of my favorite moments from this week . . .

Too Cute!

Marshall having a great time at his friend Bo's birthday party! It was held at the indoor park in Salem. Such a great place for kids during Oregon's rainy months. There is a huge sandbox that is about the size of our family room! And, a giant bounce house and slide that Marshall loves. Combine that with cake and ice cream and you have Marshall's ideal day!

Check out the sequence of these pictures - it is too cute! Marshall's ADORABLE friend making her big move and Marshall's too cute reaction in the last picture! Her mom and I already have big wedding plans for these two.

We have to admit that Marshall did make the first move . . . here is a picture of them the first time they ever played together! Love at first sight!