Sunday, January 15, 2012


Waking up to snow.  Such a rare treat!  Love hearing the screams of joy as the kids catch their first glimpse out the window.

Even an inch of snow is worthy of playing outside when it is the only snow you might see all year.
So, the kids bundle up and out they go.

Trying to "save" our pear trees, Molly and Jack Bauer.  Yes, our trees have names.  Some people name their cars, we name our trees.  We've read enough Little House on the Prairie that the kids think the "frost" will kill our trees and destroy our crops.

Making snowballs and catching snowflakes on their tongues.  Love Eliza in the bottom picture.  That girl cracks me up.

Jameson trying new tricks in his high chair while the kids are outside. Check out our amazing blue ant farm.  Every true homeschool family has an ant farm.  It's a rule.

Cute boy in a beanie heading out to check the roads.  Yes, in Oregon we are nervous to drive when there is one inch of snow.  Not so much because of ourselves.  Because of the other crazy drivers who have no idea what they're doing and panic. (shoot - which was me at 17 when I totaled a car in the snow.  that's why Eric is the one going out).

An aftermath of wet snow clothes.  

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Jane said...

love the blog....especially the music that nearly made me jump out of my chair since the last person had the volume turned way up!!! missed seeing you all this morning....enjoy the snow!