Monday, March 4, 2013

Life Lately

Hmm . . . So, I had my traditional pre-baby pedicure a few days ago . . . which leads me to say that there is some amount of awesomeness to having c-sections. Including knowing when to schedule my pedicure. All of these reasons for loving c-sections will make you think I'm really shallow. But, there has to be a silver lining to having major surgery, so here goes  . . .  it is so easy to schedule childcare for my other kids, I can wear make-up in my pictures and it doesn't all run down my face like it does during labor, I can get my hair cut, colored, and blown-out the day before. Oh, and I don't have to go through labor again - which is a serious bonus because all of my children have had gigantic heads. There I said it.

But, back to the pedicure . . . My sweet friend, Debbie, has been doing my nails and pedicures since I was in college. Back when I had a job, zero children, and extra time and money on my hands to do such things. It used to be a twice a month event for Debbie and I when we could catch up. I think she knew everything about my life. It hardly ever happens anymore, but Debbie was still kind enough to work on her usual day off to give me a pedicure on a day I had a baby-sitter.

And, Debbie asks why I hardly ever blog anymore! Because, she says, she loved my blog. Well, I guess the answer is that I'm tired? I was so sick at the beginning of this pregnancy that something had to give, and most of the time that something was writing and keeping track of the events of our crazy life. I just fell out of the habit of writing and recording our memories on a regular basis. It's probably time to start recording again, since I am having another baby in a matter of days. Crazy when the countdown goes from months, to weeks to days. Thanks for the motivation Debbie (and the fabulous pedicure!)

So, what have we been doing as we countdown the days?

Baby laundry . . . which made us realize how all of our friends and family have blessed us abundantly over the past seven years. We have more newborn and 0-3 month sized outfits than we know what to do with. And, all of them still look brand new. There is nothing like the smell of Dreft!

Soaking up every last minute with these three kiddos, before we have four:

Eric's been busy gaining local celebrity status with his beard. In case you missed it, his beard was even sought after for a photo shoot with a local photographer, Will Bragg. I never knew a beard could gain a person so much attention!

Marshall went to his first Duck basketball game with Eric (thanks for the tickets Uncle Mike and Aunt Janie). Eric and Marshall saw Mike Bellotti in the Club. Marshall said "Mike Who?" He's definitely a Chip Kelley-era kid.  Marshall's highlights were definitely having Sprite and Red Vines in the same evening:

And, we'll leave you with this one of sweet Jameson. This might be a foretaste of things to come with this guy. His teenage years might be trouble: