Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is Jameson

We have a little monkey living at our house.  He is bald and his name is Jameson.  He is supposed to be napping right now.  But he's not.  I can hear him laying in his crib trying out one hundred different ways to say "hahaha." Which sums up his personality. Jameson laughs all day long, and he wants to make you laugh too.  He's a charmer and a flirt. In the midst of a difficult year, he has been a ray of sunshine.  It was almost like Jesus said, "Here, I know this year is going to be hard, but I'm going to give you this package of laughter." Jameson is pure joy for all of us.  Except for that destructive stage he is going through which elicits a lot of screams out of his older siblings.  But, other than that he just makes us happy.  We'll let him make you happy too:

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Dassow Mommy said...

I got one of those, too! A ridiculously hard year with the blessing of an amazingly happy baby. She wakes up like the princess in "Enchanted" every morning. Also, she's a flirt. Maybe it's the class of 2029.