Monday, January 23, 2012

Jedi Training Academy

In October we went to Disneyland.  I still haven't finished posting all of the pictures from our trip.  Um, I guess they might not all get posted on here.  But, I can't go without posting a video of Marshall's highlight.

Marshall is a Star Wars fan.  He has Star Wars Legos, Star Wars bedding, Star Wars pajamas, Star Wars t-shirts, Star Wars books, posters and DVDs.  He has a Yoda stocking cap with Mickey-ears.  He has Star Wars video games.  He has light sabers and trooper blasters. He dressed up as Luke Skywalker for Halloween. His sister was Princess Leia.  This kid just loves Star Wars.

So, when we knew we were going to Disneyland, we started watching videos on YouTube of rides and attractions that we knew the kids would love, but which might be a little overwhelming for them without some prep.  Now this might seem kind of excessive to some of you.  But, don't judge m'kay? Trust me, it makes a huge difference in a trip with pre-school/kindergarten aged kids.

One of the shows we watched videos for was Jedi Training Academy.  I knew Marshall would love it.  But, I also was fairly certain that if we just showed up at the show at Disneyland and he wasn't prepared, there was little chance that he would be brave enough to do it.

Jedi Training Academy shows maybe a half-dozen times a day.  There is a Jedi trainer and his assistants, all dressed as Jedis.  The trainer looks like Mace Windu - yes, I know who that is, do you? The trainer chooses about a half-dozen kiddos from the crowd to participate in the Academy.  Each of the kids gets a Jedi robe and a light saber.

Then, the kids are "trained" in the ways of the Jedi and secrets of the Force.  Soon, the "real" Darth Vader and Darth Maul make their appearance joined by Storm Troopers.  Finally, each of the kiddos gets the chance to actually fight Darth Vader or Darth Maul.  It is amazing. The coolest thing ever when you are six.

So, here's our Jedi in action.  We are so proud of our little padawan. (do you know what that is? google it if you don't). A few years ago Marshall was so shy - there was no way that he would have done this.  But, as he has grown up, his confidence has skyrocketed and he was determined to be picked.  He wore his favorite Star Wars shirt and jumped up and down holding a sign and yelling "pick me!"  [Yes, I am the awesome (slightly dorky) mom who read up on tips for getting picked at Jedi Training Academy.  Hey - Marshall was determined to do it. He watched the YouTube video a hundred times and practiced the routine at home. It was adorable.] And, he fought the heck out of Darth Maul.

Marshall is so proud because he's no longer a padawan. Check out our red-haired fully trained Jedi in the Star Wars shirt.  He has a REAL certificate hanging up in his room proving that he completed the Academy and is a TRUE Jedi.  Forget the ADT security system sign in our front yard. Beware of the Comptons - the Force is with us.


My Chick Chat 247 said...

So cute! A little boys dream come true.

Susie said...

The music really heightened the reading experience! :) So cute, I'm proud of Marshall too! Just caught up on all your posts recently, love your family and thanks for your honesty!