Monday, March 19, 2012

More Green Fun

Not sure why we were all about St. Patrick's Day this year. I think maybe it all started with Marshall's Irish dance performance. Or, maybe because that same red-headed wonder just happened to get new green All-Stars. He picked them out, totally on his own. I love seeing what my kiddos will choose for themselves when given the opportunity.

Oooorrrrrr, maybe it was because I found these cute pot of gold treats on Our Best Bites and decided we had to make them.

As a friend pointed out, it would be helpful if I posted pictures like this before the holiday so the rest of you can make them too. Oh, to be that organized. I guess you can just save this idea for next year. [And I'll try to be ahead of the game for Easter activities.] I'm lucky I even have a picture of the finished product this time. Thank you to my fabulous neighbor/friend Amy E. for snapping a photo before her kiddos munched on this one. 

They were a super easy craft. The kind that I could handle. And that kids can easily help out with. Just be prepared to hear "Can I have another Rolo?" or "Can I try another Twizzler flavor?" so many times that it will challenge your sanity. Also - don't open the bag of Rolos until you are ready to put the treat bags together. Trust me. Just trust me. You will find yourself back at the store buying more Rolos. I'm not saying that I ate a whole bag of Rolos or anything . . . 

Oh, and please excuse the iPhone quality of this picture. Yes, my camera battery pack is still dead. Don't judge. Please. Uhthankyou.

Back to the treats. Rolos and Rainbow Twizzlers in a treat bag, tied off with green ribbon. I found the Rainbow Twizzlers on Amazon. But, later discovered that Fred Meyer carries them too. If our printer hadn't been out of ink, they would have had cute gift tags attached as well. There is a link for free adorable gift tag printables here

New topic. Shamrock Run. So fun, so fun. Eric and his friend, Conrad, ran the 15K. Not just a 15K. A 15K with a massive hill in the middle of it. More like a mountain. So impressive. Our friends, Michael and Dana, and I ran as well. Just in the shorter distance races. Somehow I missed getting a photo of Dana and I. (By the way - you can see her adorbs family here.) But, here are a few of the rest of the crew. (Some lovely, post-race, we're freezing cold photos.)

And now . . . my right knee officially hates me. Apparently, I am getting old. I almost couldn't walk last night. So, it's down to Gallagher's Fitness I go. I think I am giving in and trying Altras. Here's a picture.

They are so ugly. Eric and Conrad, I'm sorry. But it's true. Ugliest running shoes ever. This random woman came up to Eric after the Shamrock Run and asked about his Altras. She said they are the Birkenstocks of running shoes. So true. Function might win over fashion this time, though. I need to keep running to burn off all of those Rolos. Ugh.  

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