Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Snow on Mommy & Marshall's Date Night

Last night, Marshall and I had a fun "date night" planned! Eliza goes to bed pretty early so that leaves our evenings free to spend with Marshall. We were headed to a make-up class for Music Together (our weekly music class). And, we went to Dairy Queen for dinner beforehand - it was Marshall's first trip to Dairy Queen and he loved it! After we had dinner, we had ice cream of course. I got Marshall a kid-sized sundae and got myself a Kit Kat Blizzard. Marshall wanted to try my Blizzard. After one bite he said "Let's Share!," handed his tiny sundae to me, and took over the Blizzard. He has things figured out pretty quickly.

While we were at music class the snow really started coming down and there were about two inches by the time we headed for home. (don't worry Dad, I made it home safely). It was pretty late when we got home but Marshall just couldn't wait until morning to play in the snow. He had a great time with us making a snowman and having a snowball fight!! And, he was up early today ready to play outside again.

As always, I'll add a picture of Eliza just for fun :)

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