Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Eliza's Favorite Things

Well, I'm sure our excitement about blogging is going to wear off . . . But in the meantime, I thought I should post pictures of Eliza's favorite activities since all of you can see Marshall in action in his video!! Eliza's best time of day has always been bathtime - she just can't get enough of the water. But, getting out of the bathtub has always been traumatic for her - until today. I got out this huge hooded towel sent to us by some friends, and Eliza loved it so much she forgot to be mad about getting out of the water! So - all of you can enjoy her happy smile! (And, thank you to David & Rebecca for the towel - we love it!)

And, Eliza's newest discovery is her Exersaucer. We get her propped up with blankets and she LOVES it. She must just be glad to have a new view of the world!

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