Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Maui . . .

Hey-o!!  I mean, Aloha, people!! We are in Hawaii on vacay!!!  Woohoo!!!! My ever-fabulous, wonderful in-laws have taken our little fam along with them to Maui. Which means vacation on the beach, fun at the pool, oh and we had lots of help at the airport! Praise Jesus! We were still a spectacle, but 4 adults with 4 kids is a lot easier than 2 adults with 4 kids!

It's morning naptime for Morrow, my sweet vampire baby who decided that maybe the sun is okay if he is in 2 inches of water in the kiddie pool with his brother.

So, I've gotten to catch up on the Word and a few of my fave blogger's encouraging words.

Even here on vacation, I find that my sin is always right there with me. Roman 7:21 rings true, even here in paradise. So, I loved my interweb friend, Jami Nato's, words this morning on my computer.  If you struggle with your sin nature, and don't we all, read her post. It's so good. So encouraging.  Click on the link in that last sentence. Or find the link to her blog in the side bar: Hello From the Natos.

Have an aloha day!

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