Friday, January 13, 2012

Oregon Winter Days

[Quick Note:  Mat and Kelly Ciremele - don't read this first paragraph.  Or you will never want to leave San Diego for Oregon. Ever. So just skip the next few lines please.] The sun has been out for the past couple of days!  We almost don't know what to do with ourselves. We just choose not to think about the fact that it is 35 degrees outside.  Everyone just bundles up and out we go. Because as soon as the kids see sunshine they are dying to get out the door.  Recess!

Yesterday, we spent an hour at the park with Gram and her friend Kay. The kids played on playground equipment for the first time in a looonnng time.  Then they ran, and ran, and ran. And, then they played pickleball.  I was so bummed I didn't have my camera with me. Eliza is totally lost with a racquet in her sweet little hands. Unfortunately for her, I think she has inheirited the athletic ability of her mother. Marshall started to get the hang of it, though. And Jameson just sat there bundled up on Gram's lap, bewildered - seriously, it was like he had no idea what the outdoors is.

Today, we just stayed in our own backyard. Marshall is my budding photographer and he took a few pictures. He really wanted you to see them.

Please do not pay attention to: (fact #1) our garden boxes never got cleaned out.  Oops.  Yeah, there are still corn stalks in them.  and carrots down in that dirt. and tomato cages still up. we have a clean house though.  m'kay? told you we aren't perfect; and (fact #2) Jameson is outside in 35 degree weather with no socks on and no hat or coat, and he has a horrible cold.  He and I were only out there for two minutes to kill a bee and take these pictures (did you catch that Dad?  your daughter killed a bug). Don't tell DHS about my neglect of Jameson. m'kay?  It's our secret.  Although my BFF is a foster family now so my kids could go live with the Richters; and they would be so happy.

Anyway . . . here is what the kids do on a cold sunny day. Because I know I said before, "out we go" even though it is 35 degrees. Well, maybe that wasn't exactly right. Out they go is more like it.

So cold there is ice on the sandbox

Um, not so sure what this is. Strike a pose guys

Check out Eliza's tongue.  This means she is thinking.  It is a Compton-thing attributed to Great Stuart.  Sticking out your tongue when you think hard.  Totally not a West thing.

Marshall has learned how to push Eliza on the swing.  This might not seem like a huge milestone to you.  But it is to me when I'm in the warm house with J-babe.  And, they can play outside without me needing to put Jameson in the Ergo on my back so that I can push the swing and have Jameson attack me and pull my hair while he's back there.  Yay, Marshall!


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