Monday, September 1, 2008

Duck Football 2008

It's finally here! Duck Football 2008! Eric, Jocelyn and Marshall headed down to the big season opener on Saturday night. We had a great time, ran into many old friends, and were able to catch up with Jocelyn's brother, Mark. We were thrilled to find our new seats for the season and discover another young family who will be sitting next to us for the season. They have 3 kids and the youngest is Marshall's age. Marshall is excited to have some buddies at the games, and we were excited to learn we have a lot in common with this sweet family. Check out Marshall's jersey for this year - he has not taken it off since he got it on Thursday morning - he has been sleeping, eating and playing in that jersey. I might have him convinced that I need to wash it tomorrow. Next time you see him he will be proud to tell you that it is Jeremiah Johnson's jersey number. He cheered hard for the Ducks and yelled "Bye Bye Purple People" as all the Huskie fans left the stadium at the end of the blowout. He can't wait to go back this Saturday. Go Ducks!

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