Friday, July 4, 2008

3rd of July!

Last night, we visited the Oregon Gardens in Silverton for their 4th of July event with our friends the Richters - Paul, Bethany, Sydney, Noah and Abraham. We have been blessed by their family's friendship and it was a great chance for us to visit and for the kids to play! Noah and Marshall are just a few months a part in age, and Eliza and Abraham are just 2 months apart. Sydney is almost 5 and does a great job of being a big sister to both Noah and Marshall. The parents and the kids all had such a great time. The kids loved the children's area with a pirate ship bounce house/slide and balloon animals. And, everyone enjoyed eating a picnic dinner in the grass. We left before the fireworks got started - by 10:00 all 5 of the kids were tired, but Marshall is hoping to catch a few fireworks tonight here in Salem!

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