Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun at Gram's House

The kids love going over to their Gram-Gram's house to play with all of her toys! She has a bedroom set up just for the kids and has all of Eric's old toys and some new toys too for them. It is always such a nice break from home to go visit Gram and have a change of scenery for a few hours. While we were there today, Marshall practiced his basketball skills - he loves playing basketball and yelling Go Blazers! And, Eliza had fun playing with the activity table for the first time :) In the last week she has been wanting to stand up with help from one of us all the time. And, today as you can see in the pictures she was able to hold onto the table and stand up all by herself!! Although, you can also tell from the pictures that her mom was tired today - Eliza's messy hair and drool covered shirt gives it away. Thanks to Gram for a fun visit :)

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