Monday, April 23, 2012

She is Sweet

Dear Eliza,

As I write this post, you are sitting next to me studying the Bible on your own for the first time. I couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a picture and document it to show you when you grow up. You taught yourself to read when you were just three years old. This was a miracle. And, you relieved me of a lot of anxiety about having to teach you and your brothers to read. One day you just started reading and you couldn't be stopped.

Most importantly, it means that you will always be able to read the Word of God for yourself. In case you ever wonder, the first book of the Bible that you read on your own is First Peter.  As I was working on my Bible study today, I heard your little footsteps coming down the stairs. (I would say quiet footsteps but that would be a lie. There is nothing quiet about me or you. Just ask your dad.) You pulled up a chair and a copy of the ESV and sat down to study for yourself. You looked at me and said "Mom, I think that the Lord is a very important thing to study." How was I going to send you back to your room for quiet time after that comment?

I'm smiling as you have your own stack of index cards and you are copying down the Scripture that you think is important. This is one thing I do that I am thrilled that you want to emulate. (Unlike biting  fingernails, which you seem to have picked up on early in life.) Your first index card says "Peter, an Apostle." You also circled the words "your faith" in the Bible. You said that those words are very important because faith is a very strong thing. And that it is strong because it comes from God when He gives it to you. Where do you come up with these things, little theologian?

Your dad and I are praying that your love of God's Word never dims or fades away. The Word holds more wisdom than we could ever hope to convey to you with our own words. May today be the beginning of a beautiful love of reading the written Truth.

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Anonymous said...

Jocelyn, your letter to Eliza brought tears to my eyes. What a special moment in time. Remember to go back and read this to yourself in years to come when angry words have been spoken and you both need healing (it happens, you are human). It is in scripture that we find true healing. Continue to nurture her spirit as you nurture your own. Way to go, Mom! May our God continue to bless you with many more "Grace" moments!