Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend, Part 1

Exhaustion. Content, happy exhaustion. Probably the only way to describe how I feel right now. Wait . .. if I'm going to be honest I'm maybe just a little stressed about the week ahead. I have temporarily misplaced the checkbook, my car is a disaster and I am way behind on laundry. The clothes are piling up, people. And, yes I'm blogging in the midst of it. I want to get these memories recorded. It's important, as I was reminded this week. So, I will be a good steward of my memories and deposit them right here. And, I will pray about what lies ahead this week.

We did have such a fun weekend. I don't think that our family could have squeezed anything else into the past three days. Friday night was our West Valley girls' evening in my kitchen. Saturday morning, we headed up to Portland with our dear friends, the Richters, for a huge Easter party. Saturday afternoon we bought a new (to us) car for Eric. Eric spent Saturday evening back up in Portland with our friend Michael at a Portland Timbers soccer game. Today included church, followed by dinner with family (and, our fave barista/friend from the Bux joined us. such a treat!). And, sugar highs abound!

Here's a glimpse of the weekend. Okay, it's more than a glimpse. I don't want to lose these memories. So, I'm posting half today and half tomorrow.

We'll just go in chronological order, shall we?  Here's Saturday.

Deep in thought, making her first candy selection of the day.

So many fun activities here!

Marshall was in love with this little guy.

Love Eliza in this picture. Definitely wants to pet the puppy. But definitely terrified at the same time.

No, we did not come home with a puppy. A little part of me wishes we had. They are so cute. And, Marshall is so cute with the puppies! But it is only a little part of me. That was a close call though. So easy to get sucked in by those adorable little puppy faces.

Long time buddies, Marshall and Noah. Marshall and Noah look oddly similar, but with totally different coloring. From behind, they have the exact same head. Haha. Marshall, Bethany (Noah's mommy) and I would love it if you could go to college and be roommates with Noah. Eliza says that she is going to marry Noah and be the next Mrs. Richter. Lord, help him.

Eliza and Abraham. How can you not love a little guy whose shirt says "I'm the Bomb"?? We often say that if Eliza and Abraham ended up together they would be a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. All we can say is: watch out world, get out of their way.

Sweet Jameson wasn't really sure what was going on. But he was happy to be along for the ride, as always.

More to come tomorrow . . .

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