Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunriver Living

Our Sunriver weekend in review:

Mommy/daughter pedicures. Eliza really just gets her toes and fingers painted. It is one of her very favorite things in the world to do. It's almost like this girl was created to go to the spa. She likes the relaxation room, spa music and the sound of the ocean, green tea in little tea cups (the idea of it, but not the taste of it. just holding the cup is enough), and chatting up the nail technicians. She is my favorite little girlfriend in the world.

Donuts from Hot Lava Baking Company:


Daddy happy to be at 10 Barrel Brewing Company:

Wrangling Jameson at dinner. It was a treat at dinner to run into my longtime friend, Alisa, and meet her beautiful family. We've been friends since high school cheerleading days and ended up at Willamette Law during the same years. Always fun to see friends "all grown up" with kids. Sometimes I still feel like I'm 16 and think of friends that way. . . how are we this grown up, and who thought we were responsible enough to have kids of our own?

Waking up to fresh snow:

Marshall, you're growing up way too fast, buddy:

Jameson always wants to be included with the big kids.

But, he gave up the idea of playing with Marshall and Eliza after he touched snow for the first time.

 So thankful for three-day weekends!

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Lacey Wilcox said...

I can't wait for the day when my daughter is old enough to get mother/daughter nail days!! SO fun!!