Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Freezing Cold Fun

After a yummy lunch in Bend at 10 Barrel Brewing (yes, again. don't judge. we heart it. the tuna melt. the fries. the burgers. the kids mac n cheese. we just can't stay away.), we happened upon this crazy fun looking park.

Our kids were dying to play at a park but there had been too much snow in Sunriver. We couldn't pass this one up. So we parked and piled out of the Compton mobile. It was freezing cold. Our family lasted about ten minutes at the park. We got back into the car with red cheeks, cold hands and blue lips (wait. no. that was Marshall's lips. I mean, they were blue. But it was from eating a blue raspberry dum dum, not from the cold.). We had fun though. And got some blog-worthy pics.

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