Monday, February 6, 2012

Eliza's Disneyland Highlight

Yes . . . another Disneyland post.  I want to make sure that I remember our trip. By not blogging for three years, I learned an important lesson about how many memories are lost when I don't keep track of them. When I looked back at our blog posts from three years earlier, there were so many little memories that I'd totally forgotten about.  I'm so glad that I kept track of them back then, so that I could look back now and have some really good laughs, a few tears, and okay, maybe a few cringes at how blonde my hair had gotten at one point.

Anyway . . . I'm not going to be sad about the memories I lost during the three years that I wasn't keeping tabs on it all.  Instead, I'm going to move forward, glad that I won't lose any more!  Which means I need to add a few more posts about our Anaheim trip.

There is nothing sweeter than seeing a little girl meet a princess or a fairy. The look on Eliza's face when she met Cinderella, Ariel and Tinkerbell was priceless.

I know that this is called Eliza's Disneyland Highlight, but one of the best parts of Ariel's Grotto was Marshall!  When you first come down the stairs at the Grotto, Ariel is waiting for a photo opportunity and to visit with each family of children individually.  Marshall was determined that he was not going to talk to her. Princesses are for girls.

But, Marshall does have a serious crush on Ariel because she, too, has red hair. Interesting that for a guy who didn't want to talk to princesses, Marshall did have his autograph book and pen in his hand ready for Ariel to sign it.  As soon as Marshall saw Ariel, his tough guy act disappeared.  He was speechless and just wordlessly handed her the autograph book when she reached out her hand.  Ariel immediately asked Marshall about his favorite ride.  He managed to squeak out, "Splash Mountain."

Ariel obviously has experience with brothers who are dragged to the princess lunch.  She responded with the best answer ever.  She leaned down and whispered in Marshall's ear that Splash Mountain is her favorite too.  And, not only that, but at night after the park guests leave, she goes swimming in Splash Mountain. After that secret was shared, Marshall couldn't resist. It opened the floodgates for him and he was in awe of every princess who came to our table.

Speaking of Splash Mountain, here's a little Splash Mountain highlight reel. And yes, Eliza is wearing her swimsuit in the last picture. It took much convincing to get her on this ride. We finally figured out that she was just scared of having wet clothes. So much drama with girls, I tell you. Once we told her she could wear a swimsuit, it was smooth sailing in that hollowed-out log!

Oh!  One last thing . . . finally, on our third Disneyland trip we found Buzz Lightyear. It took a lot of searching, but here is the proof. To infinity, and beyond!


Dassow Mommy said...

Love the story about Marshall and Ariel. That will be a good one to remember.

kmorganhillig said...

I love your posts. This one makes me want to take Finley to Disneyland now, even though I know she is still to young to remember any of it. Maybe one day we can plan a trip around the same time and meet up with the kids!