Saturday, December 17, 2011

Little Leprechaun

No, no . . . I don't have the wrong holiday. I know it is almost Christmas, not St. Patrick's Day. Remember? I have almost nothing done. Although, I made progress at Target today. Eliza really wants Barbie dolls for Christmas. Not so sure how we feel about that. But, today she saw Disney Princess dolls that are Barbie doll size and she really wanted them. Even better, they were on sale through today for 60% off. So, when we finished our shopping Eric took the kids out to the car and I went back into Target and got the dolls. Phew. Finally.

Side note: Please don't attempt Target with three children on the Saturday before Christmas. What a zoo. And, Jameson lost a boot. If anyone happens to be at the Keizer Station Target anytime soon and finds a single brown UGG baby boot I would be willing to pay you in cookies for it. And, you all know how good those cookies are!

Anyway - the leprechaun thing. Marshall has been taking Irish dance since September. We think it is fitting, seeing as he has all of that red hair. There are two boys in his class . . . and about a million girls. Marshall says that the girls are lucky because they get to be paired up to dance with each other. But the boys have to dance with girls. It is just SO cute though. Here's a couple of videos of our little leprechaun doing his thing. (Hit pause on the little music gadget/box to your right to quiet the blog music so that you can hear the video)

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