Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Highlights

Hmmm .... this blog post is highlights of our Christmas because I just took a few pics of different parts of our Christmas season. My goal for 2012 is to learn how to use my nice Canon camera that I've had for over a year now. And then actually take pictures. Good ones. Lots of them. Our family photog/my fun friend, Daveen, said she would give me a camera lesson only after I read the instruction manual. Novel idea, eh?

So - here's a few pics of Christmas Compton-style. Some taken with my Canon, others taken with my iPhone. Ha!

My Oregon wreath on my front door:

Taking Eliza to the Nutcracker in Portland and out to dinner at Papa Haydn. In particular, watching her enjoy her very own slice of marjolaine. And, the look of awe on her face when the ballerinas were dancing on pointe. My mom took me to the Nutcracker almost every year growing up, usually just her and me. And now, I'm the mom. I loved looking in the rearview mirror and seeing that little blonde dimpled smiling sweetpea in the backseat as we drove up I-5 to Portland. And, realizing how much my mom loved having a daughter to take to the ballet.

Christmas-Eve-Eve with the Cole family. We heart them. We met the Coles when they started coming to West Valley this past year, but we feel like we've known them forever. The night was complete with cookie decorating and egg nog or chocolate milkshakes (with homemade-by-the-Coles egg nog):

This conversation between Eric and Marshall:
While walking into Marshall's messy room ...
Eric: I don't know why Santa would bring you new toys when your floor is covered with toys.
M: Santa doesn't bring me toys anyway. You guys do.
Eric: You don't believe in Santa?
M: No. I believe in God.

If you're curious about how we handle Santa at our house, check out this article.

Jameson's pure elation over his new Cozy Coupe. He likes to sit in it all day long now. I had no idea it was going to occupy him so well. But, don't try pushing him in it. He doesn't want it to move. He just likes to sit there and pretend to drive. And get out. And then get back in.:

Big kids and some of their gifts:

Three kids in matching pajamas.

Eliza's new pink coat from Papa and Nor-Nor:

Stocking love.
A visit with one of my very best friends from law school, Jen Powell. Jen is a JAG officer and lives in Omaha, Nebraska (for the moment - military life requires a lot of moving!). We try to get a visit in at least once a year when she is home. My kids love her (for her curly hair and the Christmas gifts she is always so faithful to bring them!). And, I miss her dearly. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we saw each other daily for three years, since we see each other so rarely now. (And please excuse my greasy hair in the picture - hopefully if I see Jen this week I will actually wash my hair and have a cuter pic!)


DW Cole said...

Love this! Great pics! We love you guys too! It is hard to imagine it has only been such a short time...the we've known them forever feeling is mutual and we are so happy for it!!! Just wondering if Marshall screamed for his gift? Love the matching pj's and J in his cozy coupe. Thanks for sharing memories of your mom, it is really neat and fun to see you sharing those with Eliza.

T. Fagan said...

I love that you and Eliza went to the Nutcracker together...my mom, daughter and I have done that for the last 4 or 5 years now...great fun for us girls!