Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ballet and Birthdays

There are a lot of days with my family that I just don't want to forget. Like yesterday. And this morning. We are rapidly approaching Christmas. I'm not ready at all. So much left to do. It often makes me think of my mom and all of the work that she did getting us ready for Christmas. I have no idea how she did it while working full-time. But, being a mom has made me grateful for all of the time and effort that she put into the Christmas season for our family. And it motivates me to work joyfully to put Christmas together for my family. And, it makes me wish that my mom was still here so that I could thank her for all of the work she did year after year.

Okay - so timely. My brother just posted this picture of me with my parents during my dad's first campaign for judge. Isn't my mom beautiful?

Wow. That diverged quickly to seriousness. Back to my original train of thought ... no I'm not ready for Christmas. I have zero gifts for Eliza. none. nada. as in nothing. at. all. But, I'll get it done by Decmeber 25th. There are more important things right now, like birthday parties with friends and Eliza's ballet performance.

Yesterday was Eliza's open house for ballet. Maggie graciously came and baby-sat Jameson while Marshall and I went to watch Eliza dance .

This is Maggie (I think that she is deserving of having her picture on the blog because she cleaned my house for me yesterday while I was at the open house:

So, Eliza has the sweetest class this year with just three other little girls. The are darling. Here is a video from yesterday's open house. I realize that it is probably just the grandparents who will want to watch it!!

We also had a birthday party to go to yesterday for our good friend Owen Gay. He was turning five! It was FUN - I probably had more fun than my kids did, as we are finally out of our quarantine and it was the first time I've seen friends from church in weeks. Such a sweet bunch of kids. And such a sweet little party decorating Christmas cookies.

Eliza and sweet Ava:

Bunches of Babies - I think EVERYONE in our church who could have been pregnant in the last two years was pregnant. It was like a baby explosion. They are going to be trouble!

And, Eliza helped me finish up our Christmas cards yesterday. She stuffed so many envelopes full of cards. And provided lots of lively conversation to make it go quickly. Can I say for the millionth time that she is so sweet?!

Finally, this morning. By my kids' request here is a picture of them on the couch. Just having fun. In their pajamas.


Shanna said...

I loved Eliza's ballet video! She is so sweet. And I miss all the kids in that picture (we're in quarantine still). And Maggie is the greatest! And your mom is pretty in the picture. And I appreciate your comments about Christmas because today it was feeling like way more effort than it is worth but your post made me smile and be a little excited about it. Love you!

Haley said...

Love all of this and your mom is beautiful, just like you! Thanks for the cute pics!

Dana Gay said...

Christmas does take some effort but knowing you, your kids probably feel the spirit of it even if you aren't as prepared as you would like to be. I loved getting to spend time with your sweet family yesterday! Your kids are amazing and sweet and adorable.

Jocelyn said...

I LOVE you ladies. All 3 of you. Shanna, get out of quarantine and join the fun!! I would seriously love to host some type of a girls' night at my house in January. No kids, so even if the kids are sick everyone can still come and have fellowship and actually see each other.

kmorganhillig said...

I love that picture of you with your parents. I actually think about that picture when I think of your mom and how beautiful she always was. She would be so proud of you and your beautiful children.
And believe me, I am nowhere near ready for Christmas either, and I only have one baby! But it is amazing what you can get done in a week.