Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I love bank holidays. I think they were invented by a stay-at-home mom who needed a three day weekend. Bank holidays always sneak up on our family - I forget when one is coming up. And then I turn the weekly calendar page and it's like Christmas! Woo woo! PTB is closed and Daddy gets to be home with us for an entire extra day!

And this past Friday was a BANK HOLIDAY! Yay! And I had a meeting at the children's museum here in Salem. My awesome friend/neighbor Amy is the President of the board of directors at the museum. Amy and I were both attorneys before staying at home with our kids - and even better, she and her husband, Marc, both went to the U of O and also have Duck football season tickets! And, they live around the corner from us. It's like a friendship made in heaven. LOL.

Anyhow - Amy asked me to serve with her on the board of directors at the children's museum. Yes! An hour and a half meeting once a month with adults! Adult conversation . . . even if it is about a children's museum. LOL!! (I really do love staying home with my kids - I do!) But seriously, I'm honored to serve this amazing place. It is the best place to take kids, full of tons of hands-on exhibits and a monsterous playground that has kept my kids busy on many sunny afternoons. And, they do an amazing job of outreach to our community, bringing educational resources to families who really need it.

While I was in my meeting, Eric braved the museum by himself with all three kids on Veteran's Day - which means no school so it was busy . . . . the kind of busy where I pull into the parking lot, see all the cars and turn the Suburban around. But, Eric was a good sport, wore Jameson in the Ergo, and followed M & E through the entire museum. (BTW - Eric even looks good sporting a baby in a front pack - I wish I had a picture!)

On another note, here is a new picture of Jameson. Just because he is cute. And, we successfully brainwashed our third little babe - no Beavs at this house! Jameson learned to say "Go Ducks" on Saturday. Before the Stanford game. I am sure that is why the Ducks won. Because they did win. 53-30! And they are ranked #4 in the BCS. Just in case you didn't know.

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Haley said...

It must be why they won! Thanks Jameson from the entire Duck's Fan Club!