Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

Last night was our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Ever. Well, not a first for Eric and me. But a first for my kids. Some people say I've deprived my children by not taking them to Chuck E Cheese. Eric and I think it was for our own sanity. The funny thing is that my mom's childhood friend owns the Salem Chuck E. Cheese. I ran into his wonderful wife a few months back and she was shocked that we hadn't taken our poor, deprived children to see the Big Mouse yet. She promptly sent me a gift certificate for pizza and tokens so that my kiddos could have the Chuck E. Cheese experience. It was so thoughtful of her and I kept meaning to take the kids . . kind of. Then my BFF, Bethany, had her son's 4th birthday party there. And, she has stuck with me through ALOT. And we love her son. I mean, his name is Abraham. And he is adorable. With the best hair ever. And he takes really hilarious pictures that make me laugh at times that I really need it. What is there not to love? So of course we went. And it was awesome.

BTW - Do you think we look like sisters? Just say yes, because we wish we were. Really, this blog post is just an excuse to post a picture of Bethany and I. Because Eric told Bethany to be ready to be on the blog because now that I'm blogging again I'm taking pictures of everything so that I can document it on here.

Sorry the pic is a little fuzzy but Abraham is one of my faves:

Eric and Paul (Bethany's husband). It's convenient that my BFF is married to my husband's BFF. How often does that happen? Makes for some fun date nights.

Even Jameson got in on the fun. He loved Chuck E Cheese. Of course, Jameson loves EVERYTHING!

My kids had an amazing time - mostly. Except for when Chuck E Cheese - the big dressed up character -was walking around the restaurant. Eliza hates characters (you can imagine how that goes at Disneyland). As soon as she saw the giant rat, she had a total hysterical, take-me-back-to the car, I'm-out-of-here screaming and sobbing and stomping her feet fit.

But, she recovered, and Marshall and Eliza both took home a ton of loot. And promptly begged me to take them back TOMORROW and use that gift certificate. Hmmm . . . tomorrow?


Dana Gay said...

I love how Eliza is posing with one foot forward... Is that a bakery position or is she just being cute? Well it's cute.

Susie said...

Yes you and Bethany do look like sisters :) And I used to hate characters too - I ran off Ramblin Rod because I was scared of Chuck E. Cheese. It's a survival skill Eliza.