Friday, January 18, 2008

A Slow Week

Life has been a little slow around the Compton house for the past couple of weeks. In 2 weeks we were hit with the stomach flu and two different cold viruses! Plus, the weather here in Oregon has been freezing recently, bringing just enough snow to make the morning commute interesting for Eric, but not really enough for Marshall to play in. Marshall and I got outside to play one dry, but still freezing,day while Eliza was down for a nap. But, we didn't last long!

The biggest news this week was that Marshall moved up to the 2's Sunday school class at church. We were sad to leave Teacher Doug and Teacher Mary behind. But, we really like our new teacher, Teacher Lori. Lori also teaches my Bible study at Bible Study Fellowship on Tuesday mornings, and Marshall thought it was neat that he and Mommy have the same teacher. Most important to Marshall, he was relieved to find a slide in the 2's classroom just like the one he had played on in the Toddler class. The 2's class also does a more in-depth Bible lesson each week, and Marshall loved it! He got to bring home a coloring and sticker sheet about Jesus feeding the crowd of 5,000 people. It was so much fun to listen to him share his version of the story with us. Eric and I love seeing the beginnings of Marshall's faith in Jesus!

I'm putting up a couple of pictures of Eliza today too! They pretty much explain her life this week - although you can't tell from them that she has a horrible cold. This baby is always happy - even when she is really sick. She loves watching Marshall, she loves to be naked, and she loves to be sitting up in her Bumbo seat!

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