Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

As a family New Year's resolution we have decided to provide the people we love with more frequent pictures (and hopefully some videos too!) of Marshall and Eliza. So, we thought we should jump right in on January 1 with a quick update:

Peanut Butter MarshallMarshall turned 2 in October and is keeping us entertained with his ever-growing vocabulary and concerts of songs from his weekly music class. He is looking more like a little boy and less like a baby everyday! His current favorite activities include playing his new guitar, watching The Wiggles, and baking cookies with mom (or more accurately, eating all of the chocolate chips out of the dough!). We have laughed more in the last six months with Marshall than we ever thought possible!

Snow Angel ElizaEliza Grace just turned four months old and as you can tell, hasn't missed a meal in those four months! We marvel at how happy she is (almost) all of the time. Her current favorite activities include eating, rolling over, eating, sleeping, watching Marshall and eating! Her sweet personality has been a blessing to our home since she arrived in August.

We wish all of you Christ's blessings in 2008, and we look forward to keeping in touch!


mej said...

hey guys, good to see it the blogging world. I look forward to reading about your updates ~ your kiddos are so cute. love to you.

amy said...

marshall in concert is the cutest thing i have watched in a long while.