Saturday, January 12, 2008

Music Together

After a month-long break, Marshall is back to music class! His class is every Friday morning and he looks forward to it each week. He loves his teacher, Mrs. D, especially because she plays the guitar! Each 10-week session features 23 new songs - plus the two standard songs. And, if you have spent much time around our family, you know the two standards - "Hello Everybody" and "Good-bye, So Long, Farewell." Marshall knows them by heart, and they are usually a key part of his concerts (just ask Marshall's Uncle Brad and Brad's girlfriend, Stephanie - they must have heard "Hello Everybody" hundreds of times driving around Kauai last spring . . . Not the most romantic way to experience Hawaii!).

Also this week, Marshall decided to ride his little push bike down the stairs while Mom was moving laundry. See, we told you Marshall is a daredevil! (Apparently, the cat tower incident just didn't provide enough danger.) Luckily, he announced his plans VERY loudly and fortunately the laundry room is right at the top of the stairs. So, Mom could turn around and run to grab Marshall just in time. He had the wheels all the way to the very edge of the stairs - picture teetering off the edge at the top of the stairs - and he was just sure it would be a fantastic adventure! But, the Lord must have known that Marshall's Mom couldn't have handled the inevitable aftermath that day and she was thankful Marshalls' plan was foiled!!

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