Saturday, July 14, 2012

On Your Feet Friday

There are so many things to love about this city . . . but one event combines a lot of our favorite things. On Your Feet Friday! Friends, running, Gallagher's, downtown, Venti's food, free Great Harvest bread, PTB, local shops, sunshine . . . what am I missing?

Here's how it works. The events take place on the second Friday of each month, May through October. You register in the parking lot of Pioneer Trust Bank. Get this . . . Registration is totally FREE. Just show up between 5:30-6:15 and add your name to the list.

Upon registering, you're given a passport, with each box labeled with the name of a local business or landmark. When the starting gun sounds, you run to as many of those locations as you can squeeze into 45 minutes.

Unashamedly hijacked from Conrad Venti's Instagram account

When else would you ever get to play a crazy piano overlooking the Willamette River?

Photo Credit: Eric Compton

At the end of the 45 minutes you return to the bank parking lot, turn in your passport, and receive a raffle ticket for each location you made it to. Then stick around for the raffle drawing and a party! Last night's party gave us a great chance to catch up with friends, new and old.

I was thrilled to finally meet (in person) one of my favorite interweb friends, Sarah Matheny of Peas and Thank You. She is a lawyer-turned-homemaker, a girl after my own heart. But, Sarah also happens to be an amazing author and food blogger. Go look up her Thai Fried Quinoa recipe on her blog. I promise you won't be disappointed!

It was a huge blessing to talk with another lawyer-mom who I have known for quite awhile, and to hear her story about the ways Jesus showed up in recent happenings in her life. I loved listening as she shared with so much emotion how God made His presence undeniably known. I could hear it in her voice and see it on her face. It is such an encouragement to hear that God is showing up in the practical details of friends' lives, just like I see Him show up in mine. And, I loved this woman's heart as she shared when the next trial comes along, how  easy it is to forget God's past provision and to doubt that He will show up again. Another girl after my own heart. One who loves the Lord, desires to trust Him, delights in seeing Him, and admits to the struggle of the Christian life!

Okay - back to the event details . . . For each month, Gallagher's Fitness has arranged for a different shoe company to be a shoe title sponsor. For example, last night's sponsor was New Balance. New Balance representatives are there, with shoes to try out. And they provide raffle prizes like New Balance goody bags and free pairs of New Balance shoes.

There is food donated by Venti's Cafe available to purchase for dinner. Either Gilgamesh or Seven Brides brew is also there each month. And, last night, Great Harvest Bread was there with free slices for all.

Proceeds go to Friends of Two BridgesFriends of Two Bridges (F2B) is a non-profit group dedicated to the design and construction of the Minto Island Bridge and connecting pathways.

The event is family friendly. Strollers are welcome - Hooray! Thank you Venti family for sharing yours with us this time around!

Our kids are already begging to go to next month's event. So . . . if you're local, come run with us next month and join the party! See you there!


At The Picket Fence said...

Oh my goodness that sounds like soooo much fun Jocelyn!! We are so going to do this next month and I appreciate you letting us know about this fun event. Maybe you can give us a little reminder next month? :-)
Thanks girl,

Dassow Mommy said...

I had never heard of this -- thanks for the heads up. Also, you missed Sarah in law school? I guess when you're a 1L, you don't really get to know 3Ls, huh?

Jocelyn said...

Yay! Vanessa - we would LOVE to see the Hunts there next month! That would be a huge treat, since I feel like I never see you anymore. Yes, I will post a reminder when it gets closer! Hugs - J