Sunday, March 4, 2012

Home From Vay-cay

Aloha! We just got back from Hawaii. It was amazing. Really really But don’t hate us for it, m’kay?

First, a gigantic mahalo to Gram and Bampa (Eric’s parents) for taking care of Marshall, Eliza and Jameson for the duration of our trip. After this week, more than ever, we appreciate the blessing of family that is willing to take care of our babies. Vacations like this would be so difficult (maybe impossible) to take without that help. Although, ahem, they may have taken care of them a little too well. Marshall said he would like us to stay away for about eight more days. I might have hurt feelings, except that I would not have minded staying away for eight more days.  Haha . . . I really do love my kids.  Really.  But seriously, it is an amazing gift that we are able to go and not worry for even a second about our kiddos … they think it is a vacation for them too!

Now, here are a few more pics to capture our trip and one quick paragraph to sum up the highlights. Then, I’ll spare you all the rest of the love fest.

Highlights: Having my hubs all to myself for six days and five nights. Breezing quietly through airport security without a diaper bag, car seats and stroller (i.e., not becoming a public spectacle in the airport). Sleeping for ten uninterrupted hours every night minus the sound of a baby monitor. Dinner at Nobu, where everyone looks famous and I learned to love sushi and sashimi.  The cute freckles my hubs gets when he’s tan. Spending seven to ten hours every day in the same lounge chair. Staring for hours at the Pacific Ocean and Waikiki Beach. Fresh pineapple delivered poolside. Driving a topless Jeep Wrangler around the island to visit the North Shore. Ooing and aahhing over Japanese brides from the multiple weddings at our hotel.

(okay I lied– two quick paragraphs) Falling in love with the Moana Surfrider. Reading, and actually finishing, books I’ve been dying to read. Sitting on the Moana’s home-y porches in big wooden rocking chairs. The constant sound of the ocean. Dinner on the porch at the Beachhouse, with the most amazing table of all time. Watching Eric's sheer joy over playing with the iPad drink menus at said Beachhouse. Making new friends during our hours in the sun. Morning running with beautiful views, followed by iced coffee at the Bux.  Feet in the sand on Waikiki Beach. Having my hubs all to myself for six days and five nights. (oops… did I say that already?)

One last thing: Honolulu Cookie Company. I am obsessed with these little goodies:

Holy. Shortbread. Here I am back home craving more of these. Any flavor of them. I have yet to find one I don't like. And, let me tell you, I've tried them all. They have unlimited free samples in their cute little stores. And one such store was in the same building as our hotel. Yum. And dangerous.

At about a dollar per cookie they aren’t overly-economical to purchase in mass quantity. So . . . what’s a girl to do? As I was lamenting their absence in Oregon, Eric pointed out that I could just learn to make them. Smart boy, he is.  I’m now on the hunt for the perfect shortbread cookie recipe. I’m open to suggestions and recipes. Glad I’m training for the Shamrock Run at the same time that I’m recipe-testing . . . seems providential to me. 


Anonymous said...

Jocie....sounds like you had an amazing "date" with your husband...way to keep the love alive!

Janice P

Kyle said...

thanks for writing and sharing a little bit of your life with me...i'd love to keep up with you and talk more if you're ever interested. you can email me at drewandkyleparish at gmail dot com.

your family is beautiful! bless you guys!