Saturday, October 18, 2008

Marshall Turns 3!!!!

On October 5th we celebrated Marshall's third birthday! Eric and I can hardly believe that our baby is 3 years old. We are thankful everyday that the Lord blessed us with this sweet, shy, bright, funny ball of red-haired energy. He is always ready to play outside these days and loves to run, run, run. Marshall also loves to ride his trike, play with friends, climb, go to the library, swing, slide, go to Bible study or church, color, paint, sing, play with play-doh, play Guitar Hero or Mario Kart with dad, dance, read, go to Gram's house, eat candy, make cookies, ride the carousel, play at the park, spend a morning at Mrs. D's music class, play hide and seek, work on a puzzle, build something, knock something down! - the list goes on and on!!

Hope you enjoy these pictures from his little birthday dinner. We had a big birthday week at Disneyland so we decided not to have a big party with all of his buddies. Just a few friends and grandparents were planning to come for dinner. Unfortunately, we all came down with a stomach bug and thought we probably shouldn't have everyone at our house catching it from us! Marshall had a great birthday with our family and his Gram and Bampa. He loved all of his gifts and especially loved his cake. By request he had a Toy Story cake with the Buzz and Woody characters, he is still talking about the cake two weeks later :)

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