Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disneyland Day 4

Marshall and his new mouse ears
Meeting Minnie Mouse!!
Marshall on the giant ferris wheel. He actually asked if he could open the ferris wheel doors and JUMP down into the water below! We couldn't believe how fearless Marshall was. If it went fast or high he wanted to ride it! He was so upset that he couldn't go on the "upside-down" roller coaster with Eric and Brad the day before. He was ready to take on anything!
Outside of Winnie the Pooh
Marshall's birthday cake. We had pre-ordered a birthday cake to be delivered to our hotel room this night. We didn't tell Marshall about it and he saw it as soon as he walked into the room and screamed "Micky Mouse brought me a birthday cake!!!" We still have no idea where he thought this up but he was SO excited that this cake came from Mickey. It was yummy!

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