Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well, I didn't just take pictures of Eliza. Lots of pictures of Marshall too. Although, being a 2 year old boy, Marshall was not overly excited about the flowers. However, he has a very Compton-like trait of liking to take things apart and to "fix" things. So, you will see in some of the pictures that he is "fixing" his tricycle. Marshall also loves his tractors - a Christmas present from mom's friend Amy. While we waited for the rain to pass by us, Marshall kept busy with his farm and the tractors - playing with them AND keeping Eliza away from them. These days, she likes all of Marshall's toys and none of her own. Luckily, Marshall is a pretty great big brother and follows up all of his screams of "NO Eliza!!" or "Mom, she has my car (or truck, tractor, guy, Legos, snack, ball, puzzle piece, etc.)" by giving her one of her own toys. He is one very sweet little guy who is always making us laugh!

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