Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eric John Photography

Well, those of you who are in Salem know how much our family loves Eric Anundi - the owner/photographer at Eric John Photography. We first found Eric through our friend Maggie when Marshall had just turned one year old. He has photographed our family several times since then, and we now feel like he and Katy who works with him are family friends!

Those of you who haven't been to our house recently have most likely not seen the pictures he has taken of our family and our kids. But, there are several pictures of us/the kids on his website now. There is a link to his website on our blog page. Or, you can just go to Go to the tab marked "Galleries" and then go to the "Families and Children" gallery. On the very first page of pictures, 3 of the last 4 pictures are of a baby. Those pictures are all of Eliza (even the one where she is screaming laying on Eric's arm!). If you keep scrolling through the pages of pictures in that gallery, you will find some pictures of Marshall. You can't miss his red hair. Eric (the photographer, not our dad!) has also put up my very favorite black and white picture of Marshall, Eric and I when I was 9 months pregnant (that picture is several pages into the gallery, but if you are interested it is there!)

He is a phenomenal photographer and a wonderful person. Oh, and Marshall would want all of you to know that Eric has the best lollipops at his studio too!

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