Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We're Having a Baby!!!

We now take this break from Nausea-ville to announce our exciting news! Drum roll please . . . . .

Our fourth baby is due to arrive on March 17, 2013!!!  Yahoo! We are one excited family, awaiting the arrival of this little babe. It's fitting that he/she is due on St. Patrick's Day, as the girl name we have picked out is an Irish surname. Now, if we just have another red head, the St. Patrick's Day date would be so perfect.

Marshall is hoping for a red-headed boy. Eliza is hoping for a blond-haired sister. She's already announced that she is going to be very angry with God if it is another brother. Based on my weird salty food cravings, and total disdain of dessert, Eric and I are guessing it's a boy. Oh man. I hope God is ready for the wrath of Eliza.

This pregnancy is the reason that our blog has been so quiet. I'm usually really nauseous most of the day, and completely exhausted too, from weeks 6-16. Which means I have about another two and a half weeks to go. Heaven help us. Especially my husband. My husband, who by the way, folded eight (not joking) loads of laundry the other night to surprise me while I was gone. And, did the Costco shopping for me last night. He's a keeper, I tell ya.

A lot of life has happened since my last blog post. With three other kiddos in the house, life doesn't slow down too much due to morning sickness. We've done swim lessons, Sunriver, playdates, run a half marathon (Eric), run in a 10K (Eric), run in our first races ever (Marshall and Eliza), celebrated a birthday or two, played on the Slip n Slide, had a first loose tooth (Eliza), lost a few more teeth (Marshall), had new teeth come in (Jameson), made new friends, been to a concert, had a few date nights, started soccer season, and kicked off Duck football for the year.

I know I'll get caught up on here eventually. I have some blogposts started and half-finished. And lots of cute pictures of the kids that I don't want to lose track of. Give me a few more weeks, and it will be a blog writing frenzy around here. But for now, I'm headed off to try to not feel nauseous and to get some sleep.

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