Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trails, Hot Tubs and Baby Deer

One fabulous and fun weekend in Sunriver. 

A trail half-marathon was run. So proud of the hubs. Eliza says "I think that it was really fun for daddy running in the forest." 

Our family attempted the most ridiculously difficult craft EVER. That's not saying much - seeing as I have almost no craft-ability. Knowing my craft-deficiency, I scoured Michaels's for an easy craft to do in Sunriver. A foam rocket and a foam princess castle. Not sure why I thought these seemed easy? Ugh. Thankful that everyone was cheerful and good sports about the whole thing. Thank you, Eric, for spending your morning crafting.

Meals were shared. Marshall says, "it was really fun eating outside on the patio at 10 Barrel, even though it was really hot. It was really fun playing on Daddy's phone on Angry Birds Space. If any of you know about Angry Birds, I would want you to know that Angry Birds Space is out. I have done almost all of the levels."

Kids had fun.

Marshall says, "It was SO fun jumping in the hot tub at Sunriver, and going to the pool at Sunriver even if there's no photos of the pool."

Eliza says, "It was So So So So So fun that I got to be in the hot tub with my friends, the Ventis - Mila and Nolan, and my brother. We all love being in the hot tub, because we all have fun jumping in and out. Because we just have SO much time being together."

Marshall and Nolan turned a pile of firewood into a drum set while Eric and Conrad were at the race. Kari and I wished that we could listen in on their conversation while they were setting it up and playing the drums together. They were just a little too far away from the house for us to eavesdrop. After the boys practiced for awhile, they set up seats for everyone to watch their show. Notice their "drum sticks." Have you ever seen a better-looking audience?

The show. Marshall says, "Me and Nolan rocked out really loud like Na Na Na Na Na Na Na! Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom and a Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark! And that just made me laugh."
We also had the privilege of "baby-sitting" a fawn for the day. A sweet mama deer left her baby under a tree at the edge of our yard for the day. So sweet. We had an interesting lesson (thank you, Google) about the habits of mother and baby deer. It turns out, deer will often leave their baby for a good portion of the day while they forage for food. Which means we did not need to care for an abandoned baby deer, adopt it and bring it home to Salem,  or call a wildlife refuge to come pick it up (not that any of those things went through my mind). 

Marshall says, "It was so so so so so so so good seeing the deer, even though I didn't get any pictures with my Nintendo 3DS."

Eliza says, "It was very very fun seeing the deer. And even though I got way up close, it was still sniffing the second time I got way up close to it. And I love deer, even if I see a baby. And I love love love love love seeing deer. And I want to be a zookeeper some day with only deer in my zoo."

Eliza says, "The baby deer followed the mom and it was so funny and so cute. For the first time in my life I saw a baby deer walking with its mom."

Eliza would like me to end this blog with pink words. THE END. 

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Anonymous said...

You have such a creative spirit with your words and photos. No need to scrapbook.....unless you want to turn all of this into a photobook, which you can do online at many great sites. : )Thank you for sharing your weekend. Loved the photos of the fawn and doe. Such a rare experience you had.
Travel on Comptons! : )