Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Compton/Cole Sunriver Takeover

Our weekend adventure to Sunriver was full of things to remember. Swimming. Lost teeth. Dr. Mario. Pirate Ships. 10 Barrel. Vultures eating roadkill. Goody's. Pretend camping. A bunkroom. Donuts. A bridge over the Deschutes. Walkie talkies. Deer poop. A random, and surprisingly awesome, museum tour. Instagram tutoring. Wii playing. Sunshine. Two families. Four adults. Five kids. One toddler. One house.

Thank you Dallas, Whitney, Carsyn, Kennedy and Lane for an epic weekend!

If you've never been to Central Oregon, this is what you've missed out on.

Photo Credit, Eric Compton

Hello. My oldest son is a ladies man. Sorry Dal and Whit. 

A pretend campfire. Five seriously creative kids. 

Some pretend sleeping under the stars. 

How Marshall lost his tooth. 

Their version of "make a funny face!"

Sweet Girls!


Life as a toddler

Us. Dal and Whit - not sure how you escaped having your picture taken ALL weekend!

Daddy's Boy 

This pretty much sums up our High Desert Museum experience. It was so much fun. And Whitney and I decided that the tour we went on counts for at least a week's worth of homeschool! Vacation for us - woohoo! (and yes, i know Eliza's sweet little face is blurry. boohoo.)

Eliza reading everyone a bedtime story. Good Night!! Sort of . . . I mean, there were four kids sleeping in the same room. The adults said good night and turned out the light. There might have been talking for hours!

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Love the photos....they say so much! : )