Monday, May 19, 2008

Marshall's First Sprinkler

We have been having HOT weather here in Salem this past week. So, we got Marshall his first kid's sprinkler for playing in the backyard. He has been having a great time in our backyard with his sprinkler, sandbox, and water table - we are outside all of the time. Our next door neighbors, The Pools, have a son named Etai who is 2 and 1/2 and is one of Marshall's favorite friends. And, Etai has some great water toys too. Eric and Stanford (Etai's dad) have been spending their evenings talking at our fence - passing the boys back and forth while they play in each other's backyards. It has been a great start to our summer!!

Marshall has also learned how to ride his tricycle by himself! He is still having a hard time learning how to steer :) But, he is doing great with pedaling.

And, of course Eliza has been enjoying the sun too. She is officially crawling and she loves standing up. She can hold onto a small activity table and play with all of the toys!

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