Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Since we last posted, our family has been busy and sick. Another stomach bug and bronchitis managed to get to all four of us! But we seem to be almost 100% recovered and getting on with life outside of our house. Marshall started BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) with Mom on Tuesday mornings. He is in the brand-new class for 2 year olds that just started up after Christmas. What a blessing! It is phenomenal to see God at work in the heart of a two year old. We are amazed at the truths from the Bible he is already starting to grasp, the kids' hymns that he has memorized, and of course the detail with which he can describe snacktime!

Eliza has learned to sit up and started eating solid food. She is still leaning over a bit sometimes but she is sitiing all by herself! And, she was so excited to eat food - you can tell from looking at her how much she likes to eat. By the second day she was already eating an entire jar of food at a time. She's had sweet potatoes and pears and thinks both are just great. Marshall has been getting in on the fun too - he loves to feed his baby sister. He even remembers to pretend that the spoon is an airplane - it is pretty funny!

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